Thursday, May 30, 2013

More Pictures from Provo...


 Elder Flake in front of the Provo Temple.

 On the phone with our family. Last time we get to hear his voice until Christmas!
 The Elder HOST helping Elder Flake check in

The final goodbye into the MTC to start his training! Elder Flake, we are excited to see where this journey will lead you next!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pictures from Elder Flake's stay with the Shelley's

Elder Flake in front of the Salt Lake City temple.
David, Elona and Monte's son, and Elder Flake.
(Look at those clouds!)

Elder Flake and Elona.

Elder Flake in front of the Y mountain.

Elona, Elona's mother, and Elder Flake.

Monte and Elder Flake.

Elona saying goodbye to Elder Flake.

Elder Flake has safely entered the MTC!

Yesterday afternoon he safely landed in Utah and, having lots of time to spare, he went to the Salt Lake City temple with Monte and Elona Shelley, who were gracious enough to let Elder Flake stay with them for the night. Earlier today the Shelley's had the opportunity to take Elder Flake to the Missionary Training Center. There he found out he would be sleeping at the new MTC near the BYU campus and would take a bus to the original MTC for classes.
Elder Flake posing as we were arriving at the airport.
Elder Flake posing with all the boys at the airport that came to support him.
(from left to right: Tym Britton, Elder Flake, Jacob Flake, Jake Kelly,
and Jonathan Flake beneath everyone)

The last family picture before Elder Flake left!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jordan is now Elder Flake...


The family outside the stake center right after Jordan was set apart as a missionary.
He is now officially Elder Flake!

We at least know that his flight is complete and he made it to Salt Lake City. He is planning to go to the Salt Lake Temple today and stay with a cousin that lives by the MTC.

Come back soon, we will have more to share as soon as we hear from him!