Friday, August 29, 2014

Close of a Chapter (Aug 26)

So, summer, is just about over. In a week, almost all Hungarian kids will be back in school, people will finally come back off of vacation, and people will meet with us. that is, if we are lucky. haha. Hopefully we will be able to meet with a lot of people, but we will see. I have a good feeling.. :)

So this week, we had fun on the Hungarian holiday of August 20th, Szent István napja. we played games with some of the members and had a really good time not stressing about anything, but just enjoying our time together. We were at a member's house, who is American, was a missionary, and came back and married a Hungarian. Way cool guy, Ben Masters. After that, we had a few longer days, full of finding, mostly tabling. But we will see how it goes the next few weeks, I am sure there will be a lot of success. We just have to wait for it. :)

The Lord rewards those who are doing what they should. So when we do good things, good things happen. I know it. Because I experience it every day! So try it out! and it will work for you. :) Have a great week! Love you!

Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder

 so there was a thing called kaposfest this last week, and apparently that means that we have some performnces in the main square of town. and this one was a good Hungarian gospel one. :) hahaha
  this is Elder Blake, when we played a game at family night with flour and a knife and a lot of mess :) hahaha. 
  this is buci and me, making great beautiful faces. :) haha. 
 and then more normal faces. :) well, mostly normal. :p 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

(Aug 18)

This week was a little slower, kinda lame. I guess that is what happens after a birthday, right? haha. Lots of fun doing all sorts of things to try and find the people who are ready for us. But it is never easy. 

All in all, the birthday week was a success, had a good time with people I love, and the branch even threw a little party for me! :) how sweet! haha. After that, we had a meeting in Pécs, one of the most pretty Hungarian cities! I consider myself extremely lucky to have been to so many cities and see such beautiful parts of Hungary! I love this work, I love God, and I love you! Have a great week!

Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder

 One of our investigators made a birthday cake for me! :D So nice. :)
This was at the birthday party, and the man in my arms is 15 year old Buci, an incredibly strong young man that loves the gospel and is one of the funnest kids I know here in Kapos! 
The whole party! :) (From the left): Abigél, Buci, me, Larson, Loveland, Blake, Balázs, and the Millers. 
a little district shot from our time in Pécs! 
when i tried to use my broken glasses as a monocle. hahaha. and sister daniels, someone I know from my time in Sopron!
 Pretty Pécs. :)
And the main square.
 Fő tér selfie! 
Me and Buci on the walking street of Kapos!
 The fountain right off the walking street. Puurty. 
 Fiatal Est! which turned out to be a guys night since it was us and Buci ahhaha
 and the good ole Elder Flake picture off the balcony. pretty views all around. :)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Jordan!

Since Jordan's 20th birthday is coming up this Tuesday, the 12th, we'd like to reminisce about past memories and pictures of Jordan! Happy Birthday, we love you!

Playing the violin for Grandma Pidd for Mothers Day back when you still loved to play the violin. 

 The good old days. 2007
 Jordan and Corey, who is on his mission in Atlanta, Georgia

Jordan and his dad at 8th grade graduation at Combs Middle School

After the 8th grade graduation ceremony (in may!) we drove to his Uncle's house and it snowed (in Arizona!) 
Jordan and his brother Jacob hanging out on some horses 

 Such a good big brother with his sister Elizabeth

With the family to get his brother Jonathan's new bike! 

Visiting grandpa and grandma Flake while they were on their mission in Nauvoo! Having fun dressing up as pioneers!

Jordan participating in a mock trial for 8th grade. He is in a real court room!

Hanging out with his dad and brother Jacob from a priesthood campout for his stake

Family pictures at around Christmas/New Years in 2000. Such a cutie!

Showing off his smarts at the 9th grade science fair with his project board. 

Just want to say how proud we are of such a great missionary who has been preparing for the last 20 years to be where he is today in Hungary! We miss you Jordan but are so excited for you to celebrate your birthday serving the Lord!

(We posted his bday post a couple days before his bday so he could see it on his pday!)

Slow and Steady Wins the Race (Aug 4)

So this week, we had very few real programs. We hung out with investigators a lot, like playing sports, family night, youth night, game night, anything you can think of! We got it. But, it has still been really hard to find new investigators who are wanting and ready for our message. I guess there is a ripe and a not so ripe season for everything, right? Hopefully we see some fruit sometime soon. 

This week I realized the importance of being committed to something. When you just go halfway, and dont give it your all, there is no way you are ever gonna get anywhere. But when you try your best and are never willing to give up--you see results and experience the fruits of your labors. 

Hopefully you are all well and safe and happy. :) Enjoy the summer! I know I will. 
Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder
me and Blake Elder on splits. He is from Montana, and a good guy. :) gotta love the elevator selfiessss. 

Pack It Up & Move It On Out (July 29)

So, My life now continues in Kaposvár, a rather pretty city! I mean, that doesn't necessarily mean a whole lot coming from me, haha. but I like it. :) I will be district leader again, which means coming up with a training once a week.. haha, but I am actually really excited for it. :) 

So this week was a little less than usual. We went up to Budapest on Wednesday for transfers, then we got back pretty late, had to do some things around the apartment. So we didnt do a ton. But, we met with people, made some friends, and enjoyed our time together. :)

My new companion is Elder Loveland, and he is.. well, a pretty big guy. He is 6'4" and about 200 pounds and one of the politest guys I know. He is from Virginia, and he is super funny. We get along well, and we are both ready to work hard! 

Nothing new is really happening, just enjoying the time while I can. On a side note, it was so strange to see some sisters go home, since they aren't that much older than me in the mission..! I am growing up..! :o Well anyway, love you all, have a great week! 
Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder
me and heilein and réka, our baptism! she is way cool, and I am so proud of how far and how much she has progressed in the gospel!