Sunday, August 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Jordan!

Since Jordan's 20th birthday is coming up this Tuesday, the 12th, we'd like to reminisce about past memories and pictures of Jordan! Happy Birthday, we love you!

Playing the violin for Grandma Pidd for Mothers Day back when you still loved to play the violin. 

 The good old days. 2007
 Jordan and Corey, who is on his mission in Atlanta, Georgia

Jordan and his dad at 8th grade graduation at Combs Middle School

After the 8th grade graduation ceremony (in may!) we drove to his Uncle's house and it snowed (in Arizona!) 
Jordan and his brother Jacob hanging out on some horses 

 Such a good big brother with his sister Elizabeth

With the family to get his brother Jonathan's new bike! 

Visiting grandpa and grandma Flake while they were on their mission in Nauvoo! Having fun dressing up as pioneers!

Jordan participating in a mock trial for 8th grade. He is in a real court room!

Hanging out with his dad and brother Jacob from a priesthood campout for his stake

Family pictures at around Christmas/New Years in 2000. Such a cutie!

Showing off his smarts at the 9th grade science fair with his project board. 

Just want to say how proud we are of such a great missionary who has been preparing for the last 20 years to be where he is today in Hungary! We miss you Jordan but are so excited for you to celebrate your birthday serving the Lord!

(We posted his bday post a couple days before his bday so he could see it on his pday!)

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