Saturday, August 23, 2014

(Aug 18)

This week was a little slower, kinda lame. I guess that is what happens after a birthday, right? haha. Lots of fun doing all sorts of things to try and find the people who are ready for us. But it is never easy. 

All in all, the birthday week was a success, had a good time with people I love, and the branch even threw a little party for me! :) how sweet! haha. After that, we had a meeting in Pécs, one of the most pretty Hungarian cities! I consider myself extremely lucky to have been to so many cities and see such beautiful parts of Hungary! I love this work, I love God, and I love you! Have a great week!

Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder

 One of our investigators made a birthday cake for me! :D So nice. :)
This was at the birthday party, and the man in my arms is 15 year old Buci, an incredibly strong young man that loves the gospel and is one of the funnest kids I know here in Kapos! 
The whole party! :) (From the left): Abigél, Buci, me, Larson, Loveland, Blake, Balázs, and the Millers. 
a little district shot from our time in Pécs! 
when i tried to use my broken glasses as a monocle. hahaha. and sister daniels, someone I know from my time in Sopron!
 Pretty Pécs. :)
And the main square.
 Fő tér selfie! 
Me and Buci on the walking street of Kapos!
 The fountain right off the walking street. Puurty. 
 Fiatal Est! which turned out to be a guys night since it was us and Buci ahhaha
 and the good ole Elder Flake picture off the balcony. pretty views all around. :)

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