Monday, October 13, 2014

Why Are Your Hands There..??! (Oct 13)

This week was a little crazy.. :) Started out with some pretty boring stuff, but then on Wednesday, we were able to go to budapest for a leadership meeting. Kind of boring, but it was fun to feel important. :) haha. On Thursday, there was a magician that visited us!!! It was sooooooo cool! He did a trick where he ripped off a corner from off a certain card, and then it appeared on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM! it was insane. and then another one where he switched 2 cards that two people were BITING on. it was seriously incredible. :) hahaha. Then on Friday we had splits! with the APs! And it was alot of fun! Very insightful too. :) On Saturday, we had the baptism! That I conducted...! Yeah, big surprise. haha. The 2nd counselor in the bishopric comes up to me about 25 minutes before the baptism starts and asks me to conduct the meeting. uuuuhhhhhh sure! haha. So i was veryyyy nervous. Not to lead. that is kind of like whatever. but in Hungarian?! Forget about it! hahaha. it was a little nerve-wrecking, to say the least! After that, we had some fun with some of the kids on Sunday after church, the kids who didnt have anywhere else to go. We decided to act out the story of Ammon defending the king's sheep and how the power of the Lord was with him. And it was a big succes! Most of the kids were non.members, so it was fun for them to learn about the Book of Mormon and the stories it has! And then on Sunday we decided to tract. Boy, was that an adventure. We did a little bit of following the Spirit trying to decided where to go. After about 2 hours, I was getting a little tired.. And apparently, so were the people haha. The cops showed up as were talking to this one man (whose story, we found out later, is a little scary in regards with the missionaries.. haha.)
So the police asked for some IDs, but I left mine in the car, so they escorted us down, out of the building, to the car, and asked for my ID. Then they searched the trunk of our car, very suspicious about some Jesus pass-along cards haha. And the best part--the other cop (because another one came, as we were walking down) told me to go to the front of the car, and grab the hood. And then he patted me down. Veeeerrryy personally. Haha, something I was a little not prepared for, haha. 

So that was our fun experience for the week, us almost going to prison. ;) haha. so yeah! Love you lots! Have a great week!! :) 

Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder

  This is Goldy, the girl that we just baptized. She's a cutie. :) 
 And this is the picture that Goldy drew, me posing and winking. :) hahah
 Just one of the beautiful scenes we see when we go driving to Budapest and other cities in the zone. :D 
And the night of the baptisms! we had a lot of food and a lot of fun. :) 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Prophets are Powerful! (Oct 6)

Woo-hoo! Conference. Gotta love that general conference, prophets speaking God's words to us today! Way cool. :)

Outside of that conference, Elder Hancey and I had our own conference, a zone conference, that we taught at! Well, we tried! haha. It was good, we were just a little unprepared. But overall, I think the main idea was pretty clear. 

We also are having a baptism this week! There will be 2 girls, Sindy and Goldy being baptized. They were both taught by missionaries before me, but they are very prepared for baptism, and they are both a lot of fun. :) One is 13 (Sindy), the other 7 (Goldy). 

Well, have a great week! Love you all tons! 

Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder

 our group while we were watching conference. in English. dont think the girls got much out of it, but they were good sports about it, haha. 
 on the way to budapest!! :D That is me on the left, Elder Nichols, Elder Bagley, and Elder Hancey. Fun trip with story time! haha. :)
  Elder DeVries came back! He was up at the mission home right before zone conference! Way awesome kid, gotta love him. :) also, Canadian! haha. But I dont hold it against him. ;) 
 These were the clouds on our way back home from the zone conference! crazy weather!! 
 Elder Hancey and someone from one of the part-member families we teach, Bence. Funny, CRAZY kid. :) 
 This is the district playing a game called Bang! it is suuuper fun. I highly recommend it with like 5 to 8 people!

Another City?! (Sept 29)

well, this week has been full of craziness! Zone leadership has been quite the change to adjust to! Weird, but nice. it is nice to have a car to drive around. :) even though i cant actually drive yet.. hahaha. but soon! soon i will. :) my comp is Elder Hancey, and he is such a cool kid! we get along so well, and we are just having adventures left and right! mostly due to the fact that he has been here in Győr for about 4 weeks, and hasnt been driving up until now. and now he is driving around a city that he barely knows. so we tend to lose our way pretty easily.. :) but overall it has been a really good time! except for the fact that we got a call on Thursday saying that we have to prepare a 35 minute training on Thursday at zone conference for all the other missionaries in our zone. then on Friday night we got a call from the bishopric that we are all 4 missionaries giving talks in sacrament meeting. in 2 days time. haha. needless to say, it was a hectic and long weekend. but we are doing our best, and are gonna have a great time. :) absolutely love it here in Győr.

I have also discovered that I have a little sickness: whenever I get onto any kid of transportation, I fall asleep. within minutes. haha. including our car! which is bad, because even if we just drive to the other side of the city, i am just wiped out! but i am working on it. 

Along with the new companion comes a new way of cooking and making food--and we are doing a GREAT job at it. :D our food is delicious and we are always plenty full afterwards. :D go us! 

well, life is fun. Hard. But fun. :) love you all! have a great week!

Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder
 And this is another beauty shot of us two. :) 
 Zsolt came again today, so we hung out in the belváros a little bit here in the pretty city of Győr. :) gotta love it!
 car selfie! because we can now with our CAR. :) oh, and that is Elder Hancey, my new companion. 
  I found Bryce!! :D well, Oakes Elder, but I finally found him!! :) sooooo great to see that kid. :)
  zsolt came to our Angolóra for a quick visit! I absolutely love that kid, and am so glad that we have become such good friends. I am so grateful to have been able to see how much he has grown as a member and priesthood holder! he is now the 2nd counselor in Sopron. :D
 so we drove out to an investigator, and found this nice little field close by. :) hahaha. 

Another Chapter (Sept 23)

Another sentence finished, another page turned, another chapter begun in the life of Elder Flake. 

This week, we had the privilege of going to the theater and enjoying (or trying to enjoy) a Hungarian play! We also had an opportunity to go to the annual honey festival of Kaposvár. And WOW was it an experience. :) lots of honey. and all for free. :D also rained a lot. again. and fall is actually starting! it is getting colder and the leaves are starting to change! Having seasons is great! (For those of you who didn't quite catch that, I am from Arizona, where we have summer and cold summer from December to March. So seasons are kind of a new thing for me. :) )

So then, transfer calls came--and I am moving yet again! that will be 7 cities within the almost 14 months I have been in Hungary! wow. haha. This time I will go to Győr, and I will be the new zone leader there! Kind of a weird feeling. i am anxious, nervous, overwhelmed, excited but all-around way ready. i am excited for this new chapter in my mission and in my life. 

well, have a great week and continue to be the very best kind of people that you can. :) love you!

Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder
 And the MÉZ FESZTIVÁL! or honey festival. seriously the greatest invention of all time. They had this giant stand out there with a line of 10 different kinds of honey, just giving out free taste tests! and i think i ate about a full liter of honey just through the free samples. :D so so soooo yummy! i highly recommend these festivals. :) 
 This is Alex, one of our investigators. He decided to draw us (top left panel). 
And the drawing up close. kind of a weird one. :) haha.

 so we decided to spend last P-Day going to a cemetery.
 Kind of a spooky place.
but if you have a friend (or companion, who you are forced to be with 24/7) you can find a smile. :) no matter how forced! haha. 

The Lord Promises and Delivers! (Sept 15)

This week was really good! It was a definite improvement over what we have had the last few weeks. So, I guess ordering pizza is a great finding tool in Hungary! haha. we ordered pizza last Pday, and the delivery boy was an old investigator from our area book, so we set up with him! way awesome, he is actually a way legit investigator too!

we also had a fun time on the bus, where I talked to a guy all about our religion and gave him a Book of Mormon and everything! Way cool experience. :) 

It was also raining. Aaaaaaallllll week long. Literalkly every single day for the last two weeks it has been raining. I heard that Arizona is also getting a lot of rain! And flooding! crazy stuff! hopefully everyone is safe! Love you all! Have a great week, and remember that God loves you. a lot! :D

Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder

 We had a "birthday party" for one of the boys who just turned one! haha, it was a good time. even if it lasted less than 5 minutes. :) 
 oh, some random Kaposvári fountain.
 this is the view I have had all week: the pretty belváros from under an umbrella... great haha. 

The Calm Before the Storm (Sept 8)

Well this week was definitely better. We are meeting with more people, helping more people and in general doing missionary work! It is never easy. but always worth it. :) 

We still havent found any investigators that are really ready. but. we are always looking, trying to find that one! hopefully we will soon. I have faith, and a feeling that it will come soon!

Love you tons, have a great week!!

Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder

 and this is Elder Larson and I when we went on splits this week. And my like 4th monster of my life. in case you were wondering, yes i almost threw up. haha. 
me, with a tie i found in the apartment that is like. huge. and the donkey-drawn carriage of Kaposvár! 

Hello School! ... Oh Wait. (Sept 1)

Well, it was a weird feeling to not be going into school. Again. Before my mission, I was in school literally always, taking summer school classes since 10th grade or so. And so to not be going to school anymore is a weird feeling.. But it is a rather pleasant one. :)

This week for us was slow. We met with one girl and almost put her on bap date, but she feels like she is not quite ready. We should never think we are not ready for God's blessings! He always wants to bless us. and we should always let him. :)

Be safe and healthy and remember that I love you! :) 

Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder

 this is at our district meeting. We had a "Miller moment" where the senior couple taught us some things. This week was about tying ties. :) 
 Elder Larson and I. Very attractive, we know. haha. :)
 Out in a tiny little falu, there are some wood statues. :) neat, huh?
And some good ole wagon trips down the main roads of Hungary. :) gotta love it!