Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hello School! ... Oh Wait. (Sept 1)

Well, it was a weird feeling to not be going into school. Again. Before my mission, I was in school literally always, taking summer school classes since 10th grade or so. And so to not be going to school anymore is a weird feeling.. But it is a rather pleasant one. :)

This week for us was slow. We met with one girl and almost put her on bap date, but she feels like she is not quite ready. We should never think we are not ready for God's blessings! He always wants to bless us. and we should always let him. :)

Be safe and healthy and remember that I love you! :) 

Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder

 this is at our district meeting. We had a "Miller moment" where the senior couple taught us some things. This week was about tying ties. :) 
 Elder Larson and I. Very attractive, we know. haha. :)
 Out in a tiny little falu, there are some wood statues. :) neat, huh?
And some good ole wagon trips down the main roads of Hungary. :) gotta love it!

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