Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Another Chapter (Sept 23)

Another sentence finished, another page turned, another chapter begun in the life of Elder Flake. 

This week, we had the privilege of going to the theater and enjoying (or trying to enjoy) a Hungarian play! We also had an opportunity to go to the annual honey festival of Kaposvár. And WOW was it an experience. :) lots of honey. and all for free. :D also rained a lot. again. and fall is actually starting! it is getting colder and the leaves are starting to change! Having seasons is great! (For those of you who didn't quite catch that, I am from Arizona, where we have summer and cold summer from December to March. So seasons are kind of a new thing for me. :) )

So then, transfer calls came--and I am moving yet again! that will be 7 cities within the almost 14 months I have been in Hungary! wow. haha. This time I will go to Győr, and I will be the new zone leader there! Kind of a weird feeling. i am anxious, nervous, overwhelmed, excited but all-around way ready. i am excited for this new chapter in my mission and in my life. 

well, have a great week and continue to be the very best kind of people that you can. :) love you!

Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder
 And the MÉZ FESZTIVÁL! or honey festival. seriously the greatest invention of all time. They had this giant stand out there with a line of 10 different kinds of honey, just giving out free taste tests! and i think i ate about a full liter of honey just through the free samples. :D so so soooo yummy! i highly recommend these festivals. :) 
 This is Alex, one of our investigators. He decided to draw us (top left panel). 
And the drawing up close. kind of a weird one. :) haha.

 so we decided to spend last P-Day going to a cemetery.
 Kind of a spooky place.
but if you have a friend (or companion, who you are forced to be with 24/7) you can find a smile. :) no matter how forced! haha. 

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