Sunday, December 21, 2014

Santa's Coming, Santa's... Came? (Dec 8)

So this week was way fun! Kind of a lot of craziness, but what do you expect from a mission? :) 

We went caroling in the belváros and a lot of people were very curious in who we are haha. So we got to talk to a lot of people that way! We also went ice skating today for P-Day, way fun! Our district is a lot of fun. :) 

As Christmas is approaching, I encourage you all to show a little more charity, be a little more loving, and think about Christ just a little bit more. I know that the more we do, the more often and openly He communicates with us. And make sure to be sharing website!! The church does an amazing job with those videos, lets show the world what they are all about. :) 

Love you!! Stay safe and warm and happy! :)

Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder

  this is barbs. :) 
 this is Sindy--yet another amazing spiritual thought at English class! This girl was baptized not even a few months ago, and she is already teaching the gospel. :) way cool! 
 The nativity, set up in the belváros. 
 Me and Barbs, in front of the giant Christmas tree! way way pretty. :) 
 and this is us ice skating! fun, fun! 
And the caroling! The kids are investigators (should be baptized, but their parents wont let them) and were passing out flyers as we were singing! so awesome to see how Christmas can touch so many people. :)

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