Sunday, July 27, 2014

As A Phoenix (July 7)

So this week was kinda.. well, full of ups and downs. we saw really happy things and really sad things. its always good to do the Lord's work and help His children, but it is also so sad when they fail to recognize the blessings they have or unwilling to do what He asks so they can be blessed even more. we saw a few people end up going to the hospital, one RCLA that we were working with, one investigator that has some panic sickness really really bad, and ended up having to go to the hospital for it, one less active members son also went. We even went to give him a blessing and everything. but then the member called a day or two later and told us that he died. pretty intense, being that close to death. it was a big shock to hear that he had passed away. but at the same time, it was nice to hear from her that she was at peace with it, surely to some degree because of the blessing we were able to give. so that was kind of a big thing this week haha. after that we found a new investigator who is a little older, but is really willing to listen and is trying to understand the gospel. really amazing to see. :) she even came to church! and we met with her this week! way way awesome. :) 

i think this was the week of renewal. some of the investigators and members just kind of went up in flames, and we werent able to do anything about it. we lost them, whether literally or figuratively, quite a few just kinda left. but we found a few new ones. And just like a phoenix rises from the ashes, so is our work and our outlook starting to be born again. it is never an easy thing. but it is always worth it. 

then today for Pday, we went to this summertime bobsled park, and had so much fun! :D it was cool, a little painful hahaha, but way worth it. :) and then we went to this zip line adventure park and climbed around in the trees, sometimes swinging, sometimes walking on a tight rope length wire. :) way way fun hahaha.

We also met with an Egyptian man this week, who told us about the religious situation in Egypt. and it is not very good. He said that the government chooses what religion you are (i think everyone is Muslim) and if you change, you are killed, your family could be killed, and they write a newspaper story about you as if you are a murderer. it was really intense to hear that. Especially right around Fourth of July, when Americans celebrate their freedoms. I am so grateful for my freedoms, and the chance I have to worship God whichever way I want. 

So go and enjoy the freedoms you have, and worship God the way He wants you to. :) Love you all! Have a great week! and dont let the sun get you! He is trying..! haha. 
Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder
getting ready to go to the Volt Festival! google it. :)
so i counted and organized my ties this week. 32 and counting. :)
gotta love the paparazzi push back. :) hahaha and elder heileins face!
   us on fourth of july, celebrating with some naps and selfies. ;) and some awesome sunglasses!
 so (yes i know they dont look like it!) i tried my hand at making biscuits this week. and they turned out really good! yummy and soft. :) shout out to Sister Brown, the senior couple sister.
 so we rode on the BOB pálya, a summertime bobsled thing. way fun. :)
getting ready for the ride!
 gotta get those selfies in the greenery.
 some of the scenery in the forest by the bobsled thing.  
 another selfie, with good ole Heilein in the background.
 part of the zip line adventure park we went to.
 more of the obstacle course of the sky.
scary times in the cords in the sky. :)

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