Sunday, July 27, 2014

Of Goodbyes And New Beginnings (July 22)

So the time has come once again. I am leaving Sopron after a good, hard 18 weeks here. It has been good--I have learned a lot, and have grown as a person, as a missionary, as a leader in the church, as a friend, and as a servant of God. It is hard to say good bye. For a couple reasons, but in short--well, first a little background: when I came to Sopron, we had 2 investigators. Linda and Erzsi. that was in March, when Elder Sterri and Waldvogel and I were together. so when we got here, it was not super good. THEN, we went to work. after 4 long, painstaking months, after all our hard work, miracles, meeting tons of people--we baptized two people and have 2 more people (maybe even 3 tonight) on bap date for august. it is has been an incredible growing experience for me, and has showed me that when I work hard and obey, I see a lot of success. This last week we had 14 lessons taught and 5 RCLAs, mostly with newly baptized members, that we baptized. It has been so amazing to see, and it is sooo hard to see it go. But. I know this is the right thing. I know the Lord knows better, and that when He calls, we better listen.

This week was incredible, full of miracles, good experiences, and following the Spirit of the Lord. On Tuesday, we had a total stranger, and very drunk, I might add haha, let us in and his wife was nice enough to give us some water and a little chat. Not interested in our message, but she was at least very kind. Then on Thursday we met with our Egyptian friend, and he was so touched by the Spirit. He is just so excited to do what God wants, even if he doesn't totally understand what or who God is. It is really neat to see someone who has been kept so religiously blind his whole life be opened up to religious freedom and God and what not. Good stuff. :) 

Well, that was this week. Hope this finds you all safe, happy, and cool! I know I have the first 2 down. Still working on the third.. :) haha. Well, have a great week! Love you all! 

És ha esetleg egy magyar olvassa ezt, aki talán nagyon kedves a szívemhez: Nagyon szeretlek. És remélem hogy találkozunk még valamikor. Sőt, biztos vagyok benne! Szép hetet kívánok mindenkinek! 

Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder

 Say hello to Karim, the Egyptian guy we teach. He is SUCH a neat guy, and is so ready to feel the Spirit and God's love. :) 
  2 pregnant men. :) hahaha, boys will be boys.. :) 
 The district when we got a visit from Beaumont Testvér, who just got married, who was our teacher in the MTC! He is kind of a legend out in the mission.. :)
  And me and Beaumont, way awesome guy. :) 
 me and Anikó. She isnt smiling because she is still talking. During the picture. Nonstop. hahaha, she just goes and goes. Nice lady though. :) She is one of our bap dates! 
  This is Erzsike, and she is our other bap date. She has had such a neat life, including being born in the Ukraine (not even old Hungary when Hungary was bigger, but actually in the Ukraine) and worked as an actress in the theater for 18 years. way awesome lady. She is very excited to be baptized, even though we have only known her for about a month! 
And my companion, the German.. :) gotta love him hahaha.
 Me and Ádám, a guy who is working hard to come back and get the Melchezidek priesthood! Way awesome kid, and I absolutely love him. :)
  Family night at the Browns! Top, left to right: Josie (Beaumont's wife), Beaumont, Heilein, me, Edit (Ádám's mother-in-law and our investigator), Sister Whitaker and Sister Sexton. Front row, left to right: Debi, Réka, Anikó, and Ádám. Always tons of fun! :D
final district picture! what a cute little family. :)

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