Sunday, April 12, 2015

Birth, Death, and Everything in Between (March 23)

This week was a little of a stranger one. We started out on Monday going to a little place called Hortobágy, where we bought some traditional Hungarian-made whips and went out to eat and ended up spending some time whipping our new whips and getting really really sore! Then the next day, I ended up having a really bad cough--which was a very very bad sign because we just had 2 elders diagnosed with pneumonia--and a fever. So, needless to say, we stayed in for a while this week--ONCE AGAIN--trying to get healthy. After that, we went to a new neighborhood way outside the city and tracted and had a good time with the other elders who came with us. But the idea wasn't the best because I ended up getting a lot worse because of it, and ended up staying in most of the next day haha. Fortunately, though, I have elders who are willing to exercise the priesthood they hold, and got a blessing and feel 100x better already. I am so grateful for the priesthood and power of God on the earth today!
Other than sickness, though (which is on its way out) we have been doing great. Transfers are coming next week, so we'll see where the last part of this journey will take me. Hopefully it will be as good as it has been up until now!
Love you all a ton! Have a great week!
Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder

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