Thursday, June 13, 2013

P-Day (Thursday) means emails to share and this time with pictures!

Well, I made it to the third week here! It has been such an incredible experience. I say it every time, but I absolutely mean it! The MTC is such an amazing place. Magyar a legjobb. :)

I love learning Hungarian. It is so hard, but I love every second of it. So while I have been here, I have learned so much about the gospel. I have come to know my Savior, and feel of His love. Jesus Christ is the Redeemer of the world. Meghalt a buneinkert, es szeret minket. Szeretem Jezus Krisztust.
Hopefully all is going well. I saw Ryan Anderson today at the Bookstore! He looks like he is doing well, got here yesterday.

And on P-Days, we can take a sack lunch back to the residence and have a FEAST! It's so much fun to hang out with my district. I love all of them and we have such a great time together.

I love it here. I will say it a thousand more times. :) I love it here!

Give everyone my love. I wish I were able to send more, but time flies when you are serving the Lord! :)

Szeretlek titeket. Tudom, hogy Isten el es Isten beszel ma. Isten szeret minket. And I love you. Things are great, so don't worry.

Much love,
Elder Flake
(The picture with both Elder Flake and his companion Elder Blackman show how their name tags are written backwards! In Hungary, they say the names backwards so it is Flake Elder).
The next picture is of Elder Ryan Anderson and Elder Flake at the BYU bookstore. He just got there on campus yesterday! They are longtime friends from school and he is serving in the Alpine German mission which is pretty close to where Elder Flake will be serving! The last two photos are of his district and they are all going to Hungary.


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