Thursday, June 27, 2013

Week 4

Hello all! Much love from here in good ole Provo UT!

So strange to write week 4 already! Days are long, but weeks are so short..
Anyway, I pray for you all every night!  I know how useful prayers can be--I can feel all of yours! So thank you! :) This week was rather bland. Except that I am no longer a young missionary at the MTC! We got missionaries in our zone (this might be old news... I can't remember. Oh well :) ) and they are so cool! We have so much fun here at the MTC. Our district is by far the loudest and most fun! Not always good, but definitely always enjoyable. :)
So the thing that had the biggest impact on me this week was the amount that my testimony has grown. I thought I had a testimony before coming to the MTC. But now, it's grown by at least 10 times! And how grateful I am that my Father in Heaven has the mercy to personally let me know He is there, and that He loves me, and what His will is for me. I am so excited to be able to preach the gospel! I feel like I'm a kid on the sidelines, waiting to play. Every day, I feel more and more like "Coach! Coach! Throw me in! I'm ready to play!" But the Coach keeps humbling me, and I'm so grateful for that. He lets me know every day that I'm almost there! I just need to learn patience. :)
So another thing that was super cool this week was talking about Hungary. It was the first day we talked about the country, and not just the language. We talked about teaching Hungarian people, not Hungarian lessons. It was sooooooo cool to see pictures of the most beautiful country in the world! ;) The teachers are all so great! I have been thinking a lot about going back to the MTC after my mission to teach.. :) I mean how cool would that be!!!??? Man, I can't wait to get there. :)
Well, that looks to be about time. Thankfully, time doesn't seem to exist here in the MTC.. It is a weird feeling.
So, now my testimony. My favorite part :) : Tudom, hogy Jézus Krisztus él. Ő a Megváltóm, és a Szabadítónk. Szeretem az evangéliumát. Tudom, hogy Isten szeret minket. Ő akarja adni nekünk válaszokat a minden imáinkra. Okay, that is enough Hungarian for one email. Man, is it amazing how great the Lord can work miracles. I love mz Savior. A lot. :)
Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder
 Our classroom where 10 of us learn with an instructor
 My companion! Elder Blackman

My district and part of my zone.

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