Friday, August 23, 2013

1st week in Hungary! (August 5th)

So this week has been pretty crazy, to say the least!! Lets start with the plane ride. So we left for the Salt Lake airport at about 8 in the morning. We left SLC at about 11:15 AM, and flew all day and all night, stopping in Chicago and London. We eventually arrived in Budapest at about 1 o'clock local time--the next day. It was so weird for me to only get about 3 and a half hours total on the plane, then get to the mission home and go and do things! Granted, there was nothing crazy to do, but I was still tired all day! Anyways, lucky me, I lost one of my bags on the plane. Great. They did find it later that day, but I didn't get it back because it was a the airport still, and as a missionary I don't have time to wait around! So I actually still don't have my second bag..... but I have all my clothes, so I guess I'm alright without it.. I did half to buy toiletries when I got to my area though. So anyway, the first night I got to Budapest, we took a tour and looked over the whole city of Budapest. and WOW. It was absolutely gorgeous! I took some photos, but they are all right around twilight, so they aren't the best quailty. We also visited something called hero's square that night, whoch is basically a bunch of statues celebrating some of Hungary's heroes from the past. They were so cool! And the whole place was so powerful! I absolutely love it here. 
The next day we went streeting (going up to random people on the street to talk with them about the Book or Mormon) with our MTC companions. And it was so scary!! Haha I didn't understand much of anything, and I realized how little I know of this language! After about an hour of that, we went to our cities with our new companions! I am now in Kecskemét, a beautiful city a little southwest of Budapest. My trainer, Elder Hunnicutt, is awesome! He is a lot quieter and shorter than my last companion though haha. But he is awesome nonetheless. 
This week we have done a looot of tracting and streeting. Basically a lot of rejection haha. But I don't even mind because I'm learning more and more of the language with every rejection! Haha, and I understand more and more everyday! Granted that is still only 20-25% haha, but it's great! 
Overall, this first week has been HARD. But also exactly what I needed. I love that the Lord is able to challenge us with exactly what we need. I now He is watching over me, and I am so grateful for it. 
We also went to church yesterday, for fast Sunday. And I got up to bear my testimony! I am sure I sounded like an incapable child, but I stumbled through and eventually got through my Hungarian testimony. I am so grateful for the awesome opportunity I have to do this amazing work! Well, you are in my prayers every day! 

Sok szeretettel, 
Flake Elder

PS if this is the first email you are receiving fro me, it is because I just found the list of emails. :) Sorry! But it's okay, that was the MTC. Now is the real stuff. :) 

PPS I don't have any way of sharing pictures right now... but soon I will! 

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