Friday, August 23, 2013

2nd week in Hungary.. Jordan's birthday! (August 12th/13th)

Holy cow, this is hard work! 

That is probably not the best introduction I can think of.. But it has been quite the long week! Of course I am so grateful for the awesome chance I have to come out here to Hungary and serve the Lord! And even if every week showed absolutely no fruits, it is enough for me to just know that I am where my Heavenly Father wants me, and that I am serving Him in the best way I can!

So anyway, back to the work. This week showed me that I can do hard things! First off, I play piano in sacrament meeting now! It is probably one of the scarier things I do, especially when I don't exactly play all the notes right... haha but it has been a good growing experience for me! 

One of our investigators, Szabolcs, is an awesome guy! He is in our English class, which is how we found him and why he wanted to learn about the gospel, and he is preparing for an interview with an international company, which will be in English. He has been meeting with us about 2 or 3 times a week, and he is progressing really well! He is very interested in the gospel, and is good at reading the Book of Mormon! Anyway, the other day we were having a lesson with him, and I asked him what his thoughts were on the Book of Mormon. He kinda said it was good, but wasn't sure if it was the word of God, like what we (the elders) were saying. I bore simple testimony that I know it is true. Then I asked him to be baptized! It was... not as intense as I was expecting, actually. I mean, I was ready to have my heart start pounding. But it was really peaceful for me. And he said that he wasn't sure now, but once he felt that this is what God wants for him, then of course he will. And that was so awesome, and such a relief. I am so glad for the Spirit of God to be able to touch those that we teach. 

So the other day, we went out to a little village looking for a family that wanted to meet with us. Unfortunately, though, we spent about 2 HOURS walking around in the blazing 110 or so heat for nothing. It was a little discouraging, but looking back, I just have to laugh at the whole situation, haha!

Also this week I finished the Book of Mormon! You might recall that I was trying to do that in the MTC.... but hey I did it! Haha, and it was such an awesome feeling. The Spirit came over me and just told me that its true. And that everything will be alright, don't worry! Something I definitely needed to hear!

So it was also my birthday!! And for a birthday, I got to spend the day in Budapest with some of my old MTC district! It was such an awesome day, and I am so glad I got to hang out with my old companion, Blackman Elder, because it was his birthday too! We have a good time romping around the city together :) haha. 

Well, I do apologize for the lengthy email this week.. But I am so glad that I get to be here in Hungary, serving the children of God! The are awesome people, and I am glad to say that I can help them and they are helping me!

Love you all! And you are in my prayers. :)

Elder Flake
 here is me and my trainer! hes really nice, and is such a trooper! he is also very patient with me haha, which is very good! 
this is one the buildings in my little city of Kecskemét! I dont actually know what its for, but it looks cool!! haha
 another cool looking building in Kecskemét! I think this one is a play building or whatever you call that haha where they have performances like that. anyways it looks cool! :)
 sorry its so crappy, but this was our first night! this is budapest at dusk. gorgeous!! i love the lights in this picture, its just the right time of night! unfortunately i have a 60 dollar camera that sucks... hahaha
 this is the scene from my apt's balcony! isnt it gorgeous?!

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