Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The End of the Eger Reign (Feb 18)

Well, I never thought it would happen so soon. But it did -- I am moving out of Eger. I am going to the lovely city of Szombathely, where I will be serving with one Elder Becker. I have heard a lot about him, so I am very excited for this transfer! Sad to leave a place I just came to, but excited to touch more lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ. :)

This week was a little too short for me. and kinda rough, we had quite a few people god us last minute. On Friday, we went to Miskolc for a zone training, thats right, on Valentines day. :) My companion and I had quite the matching look hahah. and then we had lots of fun on that night at Játék Est! :) Always fun there haha. 

Today, we went whipping in the park, got quite a few stares and lots and lots of eager bystanders haha. It was very fun and very loud. :)

Other than that, nothing much new to report on my end. I am still loving the good ole missionary life. :) and the weather around here has been absolutely beautiful! Sunny and very little clouds! Sometimes a little rain, but we haven't seen snow in weeks!

Well, have a great week! My thoughts and prayers are with all of you! :) 
Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder

 Családi Est at the Puttonék! (Family Night at the Putton family)

 more Családi Est! we played skipbo, and i am pretty sure i dominated. ;) 
 our little Játék Est group. :) Gabi Dávid, me, Krisztina, Magda, János and Kata. :) love them all!
 here we are again. in all our awkwardness hahaha. 
Elder Magda and I :)

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