Monday, February 24, 2014

The new hely (place) in Szombathely! (Feb 24)

well, i made it to Szombathely! It is a smaller town, but still bigger than Eger (where I was last transfer)! It has been quite an adventure! :)
so my new area is pretty good! Things here in Szombathely are nice. This is one of the cities that I always wanted to go to, so I am really excited to be here! One of my MTC teachers, her family lives here in Szombathely, and they are SO COOL! haha. They are Swiss, but the dad is Hungarian, so they all speak Swiss German (which is apparently very different from German German haha) English (because they lived in England for 2 years and went to an English international school in Vietnam for 4 years or something) and Hungarian! (although their Hungarian is not the greatest, kinda like ours since they didnt really "grow up" here in Hungary) So it has been a ton of fun speaking English with them hahaha. :) Such a great family, love them so much. Another funny story with the Szvobodas (said family), we went over to their house on Sunday night and ended up staying for dinner! haha, very neat, and very yummy! :D So anyways, their son actually just came home from his mission! Sunday, at about 5 oclock hahahaha, which means we were apart of his first dinner at home hahahaha. vvvveeerrrrryyyy weird feeling to be there, but also very cool. :) haha. He is a way cool guy, and we cant wait to talk to him more about his mission and what not. :)
my new companion is actually really really cool. :) his name is Elder Becker, from Connecticut. we have been getting along really well. it was kinda hard at first, cause i heard some things about him, but it ended up being really good. :) we are kinda different, but it has worked out pretty well so far. :)  
Well keep being amazing, wherever you are! I know God is watching over, and wants to help us and bless us! so go about doing good, and never forget, there is a missionary in Hungary who loves you very very much. :) Have a great week!
Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder

 Here is our last district, in Eger.
 here are the elders leaving eger along with the Herds.
 me and de Vries on the train! we had quite a ride :) hahaha.
So last week, Elder de Vries had surgery on his hernia. That was all good and dandy! But then president had the idea of transferring him... Across the country.. And me, right along with him. So I got to carry all his luggage for him to the trains and off the trains and allll that good stuff. and this is the luggage.
by the way, de Vries has a LOT of stuff, and VERY heavy stuff at that. haha.

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