Monday, February 10, 2014

The week of the 3 (Feb 10)

So this week was a lot of fun. :) it started off with one of the elders here in Eger go to Budapest to get a surgery on his 10 cm hernia. so his companion, Elder Dellenbach, stayed with us for the week. So I was in a 3 person companionship again! That was a lot of fun. And it was also one of the busier weeks of my mission. we not only had our investigators and less-active members to meet with, but also the other companionship's also. So it was kind of a crazy week. :) 

So, some fun things about Eger: we are now teaching a 24 year old pregnant girl. Whose due date was Feb 7. haha, so we are just waiting for the time that the girl goes into labors as we are teaching her hahaha. It is really neat, though, to see how much having a baby can change the way you think about life. For example, where we came from. It was so neat to see Krisztina's, the girl, face light up when she learned that her little baby was coming straight from Heavenly Father to her. :)

And then on Thursday, we went to a less active member's house because he wanted some help in English and talking on the phone. (Sounds good to me, I thought, finally a language I know!! haha). So we went over, and he was online, showing us some radio things, kinda like walkie talkies, that are apparently powerful enough to reach across the country. So he has one of these radios, and he wants to order 12 more. but the place he is getting them from is... China. So he has been trying to email this lady, but it hasnt been working very well. so he wants to call her, and ask her in english about it. so he asks us to call someone. In China. so my companion starts, and he calls this number, and the phone gets answered, but it is this lady just going off in Chinese, and he has no idea what is going on. So he waits for a second, mostly out of shock, because he has no idea what to do hahaha) and realizes that it is a recording. So the RCLA gives us a new number, and now it is my turn to call. so i call and this lady answers, saying something in Chinese!! hahaha. I was just like "uhhhh.. do you speak english..?" hahaha, and then we talked a little bit about the radios, but then she says to email and she will email back about it. So, on my mission in Hungary, I talked to someone in English, who actually speaks Chinese! Pretty cool. :) hahaha.

Well, I hope you are have a great week. I know that we all go through hard times. But God is always there, and He is always willing to stretch out His hand and lift us up. So watch for those times in your life when God is reaching out His hand, and take it. 

Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder
 some of the snow we got! :D along with my awesome companion haha.

 The best companionship. Of all the world. 
 Out to eat pizza! Me and Kata and then Magda and Krisztina. Such great people!

 Me and Dellenbach along with Magda and De Vries, the guy who just had the surgery!

 we found the hobbit! or at least his house. hahaha
 what happens when Magda takes pictures with my camera hahahaha.

 Dellenbach, our third for the week. And the massive Hungarian burgers. Definitely different, de definitely delicious. (PS "de" means but in Hungarian. It just worked sooo well with that little phrase. ;) )
 some homemade tortillas! well, just one. but he had a funny face, so i thought you would want to see. ;) 
 beautiful Eger. It has been quiiite a while since I saw any kind of mountain. or hill. or bump in general haha. so it was nice to see that in Eger!

 just me, a railroad, and the open, blue, beautiful skies. oh and a really cool house!! hahaha. 

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