Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Blessing in Disguise! (Mar 10)

Mot much to report on this week. We did have a really neat experience with someone who let us in and talked to us abouit the gospel! So every Thursday we go to this place callde the Holnap Ház, where basically we talk to this kid who speaks Englilsh and I think is autistic. Well, this Thursday, we went to the Holnap Ház, but no one was there. We rang the doorbell and everything, but no one came out. And this place is really far out, so we cant just walk back, and the next bus wasnt for quite a while. So we didnt really know what to do. So we looked down the street and said "well, might as weel start tracting." So we started tracting. Typical start, hardly anyone was home, and even fewer wanted to talk to us. Until we got to this one house, where this lady just invited us right in! We went in and started asking her the survey questions, really just getting a background on her and what her relationship is with God. She really liked meeting with us, and is very excited for us to go back to visit her again next week! Miracles do happen, even if it looks like you just got stood up by an autistic kid. On a sidenote, we actually went back to the Holnap Ház after, and talked to the kid! Really awesome kid, loves to talk. :) It just showed me how Heavenly Father is watching out for us, and giving us blessings for sticking it out through the hard times that look like failures.
I love being here, and I know this church is true, and God's church here on the earth. I love being a missionary and all the miracles we see daily. I challenge each of you to look for the miracles in your days, be it huge or tiny! Love you all!
Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder
 Here is a beautiful part of Szombathely and a little river(?) that runs through the city!
 Some more of that field. Maybe we will play kickball there someday? haha
 And some more of me. ;)
 Here are some Chinese kids I am teaching! That dont speak English very well lol but they are very funny!
#yomo :)

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