Monday, March 24, 2014

What a Week! (Mar 18)

So on Wednesday, we went to this place called Holnap Háza, which is the House of Tomorrow. And there, there are a bunch of autistic or other kinds of things, people that live there. And when we go there, we usually just talk to one of the guys in English, cause he speaks English and likes to just talk with us. So we go over there for some service weekly. But this week, they decided to go to a playground! So we went with them and had SOOOO much fun! hahaha. They are seriously so funny :) I absolutely loved it over there. They are seriously so amazing. :) Then Thursday, we went to Budapest for a conference, and we had a really good time! oh yeah except for the fact that we woke up at 4:45!!! geeeeez, that was not fun at all hahaha. and then a train ride for a good 3 and a half YEARS! haha no, just 3 and a half hours. but it felt like forevverrrrr! Except for on the train, we wrote this love letter as a district hahahahaha. So this kid, Robinson, was writing a letter, but all we saw was the name Nichole at the top. So we wrote the letter for him.. :) hahaha. and it was sooo funny! I will dropbox you the video of me reading it hahaha. He is such a nerd. ;) but i love him, he is a great missionary, and great example. So on Friday, we had what we call "Fiatal Est" (young persons night? weird translation sorry hahaha) where we have 18-30 year olds come and we have a good time. well, some of the people we teach are foreign exchange students, who come from Spain, Turkey, and China!!!! way cool, and the Chinese guys even came to Fiatal Est! way way awesome. :D they even wrote some chinese words and taught us our names in Chinese hahaha. Then on Saturday, we went to play soccer. With an investigator and his 3 year old boy. :) freakin adorable hahaha. he wasn't always so interested in the ball, but we had a good time. :)
So that was kinda our week. Not a ton of amazing things, just lots of little great things. :) Oh yeah and the best part! TRANSFERS!! :D hahaha. I am going to be transferred AGAIN! haha. kinda stinks, but I am glad cause we will be doing what we call co senior! Which is basically where two people from the same MTC group are serving together. It is way cool cause there isn't really a senior. The best part is that I will be going into another tri-panionship! Which is going to be way awesome. :) haha. Other than that, not much going on. :) hahaha.

 Keep up the good work! love you all! Praying for you. :)
Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder
  Just me and some good ole de Vries. :) being.. us hahha.
 some more of me and de Vries, the Canadian elder.. :) haha.
 me on the playground, on the spinny thing! man, did that get me nauseous hahha
 The Chinese writing at a Hungarian youth night hahaha
 Fiatal Est! And pingpong with the Asians hahaha
 Some of the Szombathely fő tér! gorgeous!
Me and Zsolt! one of the coolest new members around. :) And he knows way too many languages for his own good, haha. so we speak in english with him. :) he likes it better, and hey I'm not complaining! hahaha

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