Monday, March 24, 2014

Week one of the Co-Seniorship! (Mar 24)

So this week I got 2 new companions! One of them I already knew kinda well, the other not so much. But, my companions are awesome! Elders Waldvogel and Sterri. Waldvogel is from St George UT, and Sterri is from just outside Sacramento CA. They are both superrrr funny, and we enjoy the whole threesome thing. we have had a great time getting to know the members, even if there are like 10 of them at church.. and our investigators, some of which are Peruvian and still wear Peruvian clothes (like sandals without socks), even after living in Hungary for 20 years hahahaha.

We also had quite a few... funny times haha. So for English class, I had an amazing idea. We decided to play Apples to Apples! it was soooo much fun. :) hahaha. and it taught the students lots of random words hahaha, like nauseating. fun. So it was a success if i do say so myself.. ;) lol.So Tuesday was our P-day last week, cause of transfers, and we decided to go bowling! and i finished in last..  hahaha. And then lunch on Tuesday was SUPERR nice! we went to the branch house and an investigator gave us lunch! She made fruit soup (so delicious!) out of just 2 fruits hahaha. she asked us what our favorite fruit was, then made the soup ONLY out of that. so it was cherry and pear fruit soup hahaha. Then, I got again, which means we had to ride the train to Budapest and then go to our new areas. Well, on some trains you have to get a seat ticket, which means they assign you a seat and that is where you sit. So we got different seat tickets, me and my companion. So we were in totally different parts of the train. So the ticket inspector comes by and sees my name tag and was like "Hey, I saw another kid with Jesus Christ on his name badge." and I was just like "oh yeah that's my friend" and she was like "well, why arent you sitting together?! call him over here!" And i said, "well, we got different places on the train.." And the ticket inspector--the person in charge of making sure that the people on the train are supposed to be there and that they are in the right seats--said to just move seats. hahahaha, i just thought it was the funniest, most ironic thing! hahah. Another interesting part to that train story, is that--since we had different seat tickets--i was sitting alone. that was the firs time in a LOOOONG time that I had been alone.. so weird!! haha. and the train ride was about 3 hours long, so i had plenty of time to sit alone haha.

This new area has been a little harder so far, we don't have very many investigators. But! We will find people to teach! And it helps that the senior couple came out with us and did some tracting! haha, it was so funny. He is trying to learn Hungarian, and actually doing pretty well!, but he sounds so funny.. :) I love it. 

Well, I'm praying for you always! Love you! Have a great week! 
Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder

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