Friday, May 23, 2014

Rough Riding (May 12)

Well, this week was kinda hard. We had about 8 people dog us. Or 8 times people dogged us, 3 of which were from the same lady!! haha. But, its okay. we found some really cool people once again, and the work is always moving! Sometimes it doesnt feel like forward, but it definitely is moving! haha. 

So this Saturday, we had a baptism! It was the branch president's daughter. As part of the baptism, I played piano, like usual. Except for this time, it was a song I had never played. And that is apparently very hard to play..! haha. So it was kinda rough.. BUT it was overall a sweet experience, and my piano-playing abilities can only get better, right? Well, let's hope so haha. We also had our first real Sport Nap here in Sopron! Well, first since I have been here. We played basketball. Now if you know me, you know that I do not love basketball. Mostly because I am terrible. And apparently, the same goes for my companion. So we played 2 on 2 and the end score was something around 30 to 1. Hahaha, lets just say basketball is NOT my sport. :) 

But things are going well. This week will be interviews with the president, something to look forward to, and then we have transfers next week. I wonder who my next companion will be...! Only time will tell. :)

Well, I love you tons! Enjoy the week, and the beautiful things that God has blessed you with. I know He lives, and you can too! So go! And figure it out. :) 
Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder
 that dork they call Flake Elder. :)
 we have some good ole Hungarian graffiti. haha. I love how they use English, even if that is probably the only few words they know haha.
 we have a beautiful view of the city Sopron. :) love that clear sky! also love how it can go from kinda cloudy one day, to pouring rain all day the next, and then totally clear skies today!! hahaha
 one more of that one weird kid you all know. :)
we found a little snake while tracting!

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