Friday, May 23, 2014

Week of the Conference (April 28)

So this week was really good!! We found quite a few people to teach, are working hard with our current investigators to move them forward, and have even found a less active member who wants to come back! What an amazing week!

Erzsi, our nurse investigator, is officially set on being baptized! She is planning on August, though also says that she is free in July and wants to move it forward. It is hard with her family being in Debrecen, which is on the other side of the country, probably about 6 hour train ride away.. But! nevertheless, she wants to go through with it and be baptized. :) 

Our other investigator, Linda, had a super neat experience at church this Sunday, which also happened to be the district conference. So during the conference, the windows were open. And none of the windows had any kind of screen or the like. Actually, I dont think Hungarian windows have screens.. Anyway, so we are sitting in this conference, and enjoying the talks and everything. When suddenly, there comes through this open window a little bird. And it flies around a little and lands on a wood beam near the ceiling. Needless to say, there was a lot of noise at this point with people laughing and what not. So the poor bird gets all flustered, and flies around some more, looking for a way out. So it comes out into the congregation of people, and flies up near the ceiling, then looks like it is getting tired, and starts to fly lower and lower until it is about to fly right into my face! So I hurry and duck down without even thinking. But then Linda reaches her hand out and just catches it. Right out of the air! And no one can believe what just happened, they are just laughing and awestruck. Even Sister Smith, who was speaking had to take a minute to collect her thoughts haha. And then, when Linda caught the bird, she just smiles and says "Szentlélek!" Which, to all my non-Hungarian-speaking friends, means "Holy Ghost!" Hahaha, so Linda had quite the little miracle on her hands, and got to feel, almost physically, the Holy Ghost!

Well, that was our week. Hopefully you all have a great week. Love you tons!!

PS that is our two investigators, Linda on the left, the bird whisperer, and Erzsi on the right, the bap date! And Sterri Elder on the left. What a stud. 
Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder
 Elder Waldvogel and I found a dirty old couch. and decided to lay all over it and look like dorks hahaha.
I wrote on the white board. Then my companion, Elder Waldvogel, wrote "He is right" in Hungarian haha. Also, that is a new tie I bought for 600 Forint! Awesome deal and awesome tie. :) PS dont worry, I erased that and put that "Sister Daniels is awesome" later haha. 

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