Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sziasztok! From your favorite Flake Elder! (Sept 30)

This week has been one of the longer ones, but a dang good one! Overall, this work is hard, and the people don't really wanna listen. But when they do, and when we do missionary work, real missionary work where you teach people, help with their problems, join them in their search for the Savior Jesus Christ--that is when everything feels.... perfect. And that is real missionary work.

Well, this week has been very interesting.. It started with using our brand new WIHPS we bought! That was a ton of fun! It was certainly not easy to start out, but I got the hang of it after a while. And by the time I come home, I will be a pro! 

Our tracting this week started out with us tracting into 2 older ladies that talked about their husbands that died. Then, they started crying. It is amazing how much people are willing to show at the door sometimes, and then other times, people don't show an ounce of emotion at all.. But we helped the ladies feel better, and shared the message of the plan of salvation with them, that we will see our loved ones after this life. And that is some good news to be sharing with people! 

I have never been a big fan of soups. And since I have been here, most of the things we are fed are soups.. So i finally decided to just get over it, and eat it. Then one night, we even made it for dinner! And it was.. the best soup I have ever tasted. We threw some of the most random things in it, like beans and sausage and other veggies. But it was so yummy. 

We also got a new investigator this week! He is 19, named Máté, and he is really cool! He even rode a bike from his falu to the church building in the city, which has to be a good 20 or 30 min bike ride. He is very quiet, but really willing to listen and try out what we are saying! I am so excited to see where he goes with the gospel, cause he is pretty smart, and I have high hopes for him. :)

On day, we decided to go out tracting in our falu. It was a nice day, really sunny, and even a little warm. Then, suddenly, we see the darkest, scariest looking clouds. And they are moving--fast. So we said a prayer to know if we should stay out there, or go back to our apertment. So we decided to get outta there, and come back inside for an hour and do language study that we didn't do that morning. And right when we got near the bus stop, the rain came. And it came, hard and fast! Rain was pouring out of the thick, gray clouds! Luckily, we were only at the bus stop for a few minutes, then the bus came and saved us! But the strangest thing was that there was no reason for the bus stop to be there. Either it was late by 20 mins or early by the same. And neither seems very likely. It was just a good ole miracle. :) 

Okay, last thing, promise. :) We went out to a farm to have a lesson with a member and her nonmember husband. And while we were there, the family told us that they were getting ready to eat some meat. From their farm.. From one of the geese that were running around as we were talking to them... So, we got to see a goose get its throat slit, blood go pouring out of its neck for a good 90-120 seconds, and then get dropped into some boiling water so it is easier to feather it. And then the mom started to feather the thing. Well, I can now say I know why we call them goosebumps! But it was pretty gross. But way cool. :) 

Well, that was a glimpse into my week. :) Hopefully you made it through, I don't know how I did! 

Until next week. Take care! Love you all, and I pray for you daily! 

Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder

Just me and my dork of a companion Elder Decker. :) Gotta love the kid! 

Just your favorite Flake Elder. :)

This is me and my midget investigator with his dad. How. Cool. Is. That?! :) 

Some awesome Kecskemét missionaries. :) That is Sister Fowers, from Missiouri, Elder Decker, and Elder Jones, from California. They are coool. :)

Good ole ward lunch!

Oh, you know, just a farm where you get to see goose heads get CHOPPED OFF!! haha.:) 

Just me and my dork of a companion, Elder Decker. :) Gotta love that kid.

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