Monday, January 27, 2014

Days turn into weeks. The ground turns into snow. (Jan 27)

Well the first snow came! Finally! It has been an interesting experience to see how the snow can affect people. For example, we normally have about 35 people or so at church. This week was 19. Well, minus the 6 missionaries, so it was really like 13 people. haha, it was a little fewer than expected. Nevertheless, we press forward! We are doing our best to find the people who are ready to hear about the gospel and want to learn more about God's plan for them. That has been one of the coolest things, to see how the gospel and Jesus Christ can change people and help them so much.

This week, we also invited someone to baptism, her name is Krisztina, and she is so neat! She is pretty quiet, but she has definitely the Spirit during the meetings with us, and knows that these things are true, and that this is going to help her. And I am so excited for her. :)  

Other than that, nothing has much happened. I can't help but get this feeling that things are about to change in a big way for me. But, we will see what the Lord has in store for me. Until then, I'll be here, doing that missionary thing! Love you all!
Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder
My new companion, Elder Magda. He thinks he is a "cool kid" ;) 

 This is Kata, a new convert who I helped give the gift of the Holy Ghost to, and an investigator of ours, János, a super cool kid. :) 

This is Játék Est, or game night, and we go hard! and have lots of fun! :)

more Játék Est!

Well... I lost this game actually. 

More Játék Est! And that is Krisztina sitting next to me! She is an awesome investigator! :)-

Catan. A great game. and my very bored companion haha. 

 It snowed!!!! :D This is the view outside our window! 

More of me and Kata and awkward faces hahaha. 

 Me and Kata, hot chocolate! 

Lovely Magda. :) and bored Krisztina haha. 

Boy Scouts all the way.

Standing in the snow. :) Kata, then me, then Krisztina. 

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