Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Transfers are here! (Jan 14)

So the call finally came! I will be leaving the lovely city of Szeged. But I will be going to the lovely town of Eger! Which is about 130 miles away from Szeged. Lots of exciting things coming up. :) 

So, this week was pretty good, and finished on a pretty high note! Yesterday, we met with Matthew, our half English investigator, and he is absolutely awesome! He is a great kid, and I am learning a lot from him. He has been in the hospital the last week for a disease that the doctors don't know what is. He is doing alright for the most part, just wanting to know what is wrong. Anyway, since he has had so much time in the hospital, he has decided to start reading the New Testament. And the Book of Mormon we gave him last time we met. He has already read, without us asking, up till 1 Nephi 10, including the testimonies in the beginning and how the Prophet Joseph got the plates and everything. He is such an awesome investigator! We started to teach him the Restoration, and he was almost helping us with the teaching! He read the Restoration pamphlet we gave him and everything. I am just so amazed to be around someone so prepared by the Lord, and who is so willing to act on our invitation to learn more! He is definitely the golden investigator of the transfer. :) 

Other than that, things are going well in the life of Flake Elder. Doing that missionary thing. Trying his best to always do whats right and help people! :) My prayers are with you! Have a great week!
Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder
 here is thw concert we went to last week, and some of the pics from new years haha. lots of fun with "the drink" ;)

 and these are the hulberts, some of the greatest people ever! they remind me a lot of grandma and grandpa flake! they are the senior couple here in szeged, but they just moved to békéscsaba!
 this is ati and cutler, some of the funniest and chillest dudes around
 this is me and kovács, the hungarian sister
this is me and pali, a member here and someone who is so cool! :) love em all!
have a great week!!

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