Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New City, New Opportunities‏ (Jan 20)

So last Tuesday, I got the call that I am going to Eger with Magda Elder. Then on Wednesday I actually came here to Eger. And so far, it has been super awesome!!! hahaha. :)
So this week started off with me saying goodbye to a lot people in Szeged since I found out I was leaving! And a lot of packing. By the way, it is a bad idea to wait until 8:50 to finish packing. everything you own. haha. After that, we (myself and Elder Miller, the new AP) went up to Budapest for the greenie breakfast and then went out and talked to people on the square and tried to give out some Book of Mormons (and yes it is Book of Mormons, because the whole title of the book is "Book of Mormon", so. ha.) and one of the greenies, his name is Heilein and he is German, and he is such a stud! He gave out three BoMs, and even got 2 phone numbers!! Super awesome. :) and then on Wednesday, we went to Eger, where we actually realized my new comp lost the keys on the train--whoops! So we called the landlord, got a spare from the neighbors, then got into to our apartment. Then, the next day we took another train to Budapest to ask the people for the keys, cause they said they found some! that.... werent ours. so there went our thursday--for nothing! haha. then on Friday we went out and did some programs and some finding and then Játék Est, which is suuuuuuper fun, especially with my new comp, who is super good at games! (Man this will be a fun transfer :) ) then on Saturday, more of the same, lots of programs. :) Then on Sunday, we actually got to give someone, Kata, the Holy Ghost, since she just got baptized on Monday! (weird day I know haha) Then we had dinner with the other elders and played some cards (which I dominated at by the way ;) though my comp said "no comment" haha) so altogether it was one of the better weeks of my mission. :) I am just way excited cause we have lots of investigators and people who are ready to hear the gospel! And I cant wait to share the good news with them. :) 

Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder
(Elder Flake said he was too busy this week to even take photos, but expect some awesome ones soon!)

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