Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dawn of a New Era (June 23)

Well, summer has officially hit. The sun is out, and the people are enjoying it! Unfortunately, we are still in pants everyday. But fortunately we are finding more and more people to talk to all the time! We found a new man, Dániel, last Sunday while we were tabling (where we go and stand by a table in a busy part of town and talk to everyone who walks by. it is basically street contacts, without the walking hahaha), and this guy walks up and starts talking about how he is interested in our religion and everything (after we told him we are missionaries and what we do in Hungary and blah blah blah) and he gave us his phone number! Then we called him this week, and met with him! really nice guy, smokes, but really loves God. and we gave him a Book of Mormon. and then we met with him again this morning, and talked about our purpose, and how the church blesses our life, and everything, and then we talked about how we help people join the church if they want, and invited him to join also. and he said yes! We set up a date in late July, so hopefully it all works out! 

other than that, we decided to make some cookies for Sister Brown, the senior couple sister here, for her birthday. so i made snickerdoodles! in the middle of June! with tons of cow fat! hahahahaha. the recipe asked for shortening, and so i used the closest (i think and hope anyway haha) that i could find. egyelőre, ennyi. but things are going well, we are happy and safe, a little too warm, but enjoying life. :) 

Love you all! Praying for you often!!
Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder
 this is right on the outskirts of the town, from a building we are tracting out on Jereván. beautiful. 
 we went to Budapest this week, and this is Szent István's Basilica. really really really big haha. 
  those weird elders haha.
 inside of the Basilica.
  and the dome, really pretty!
  more pretty statues.
 Oh Catholics. They put the guy's right hand in a glass case and are now.. worshipping it? yeah. his actual right hand. 
  and the basilica in all its glory. can you spot the 3 missionaries in the foreground? :) 
 Heilein and Tibor working on the bike. it was right about here I started wishing I had listened more to my dad.. haha.
 Tibor made us dinner and fixed the bike. such an awesome guy! 
 the results of the birthday party. we took home the party hats and got a little weird. ;) 

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