Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Land Beyond the Junior (May 26)

So I am a senior companion now! Senior companion is... different! haha. It has been a super good experience for me, actually! Super hard, because I am just so used to having someone tell me what to do and just following someone around--but now that someone is me!! but Elder Heilein (pronounced like High-line) is seriously such an awesome kid. he is soooo funny, and such a good hard worker and a great missionary. I marvel at his faith everyday, and how much he really truly believes and knows these things. And not just the big things, like the gospel is true, but things like, we are going to find a new investigator today. and no matter how many hard things we go through, and failures we experience, he is always positive and faithful. it is amazing to me. such a strong testimony, and such a cool story! he actually got baptized like 2 years ago!

I will also be baptizing Erzsi this Saturday! It is such a neat privilege to know her. and I have watched her go from not wanting to quit smoking, to being one of the happiest people ever because she can be baptized. It is so amazing to see how the Lord blesses His children! :) 

Hahaha this week we also played basketball with a few people, including 2 nénis, or old ladies. both were grandmas i am pretty sure hahahaha one is a member, and the other a crazy old lady from English Class. seriously ridiculous.. haha

yeah, it was one of those kinda weeks.. :) hahaha.

well, i hope the summer time is finding you all happy and healthy and not too hot! Love you all tons and hope to hear from you soon! :) 

Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder
me and my good buddy, basically trainer, Elder Decker! So sad to see him go. Oh, and ignore the lady in the background... hahaha.

our MTC group!! Can you believe that we made it to our year mark?!

 This week! :D sadly, last transfer Sister Peterson had to go home due to her knee problems. :( but we are hoping she can make it back to Hungary at some point! 

old MTC comp Blackman. hahaha, what a fool, gotta love him! ;D PS that fox thing is actually Elder Heilein's, it is hanging on our door now :D hahaha.

 Kovács József, the Hungarian version of Joseph Smith hahaha. 

 we made pancakes this week! :D and yes they were delicious!! :) 

the newest kids on the block, watch out! haha. oh and i got a haircut! 

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