Monday, June 23, 2014

So is This Going to Be a Thing, Now? (June 16)

Woo-hoo! Another baptism. :) I think we might have to make this a thing, and do this every other week from now on! :) it was so awesome, and, even though i had to dunk her twice (her foot came out of the water when she went down lol) it was seriously sooo cool to be able to baptize the girl. :) her name is Réka (ray-kah) and she is 17, and she knew the missionaries for like 2 months (came to english class. she met with us the first week of May), and then asked to be baptized! it was probably the biggest experience of my mission thus far. it was just so amazing to know that I literally found, taught, and baptized someone. words cant describe it. :) 

Other than that, we had a good week. :) so, the zone leaders came down and went out to dinner with us and had a good time, then we had a baptismal interview, Réka passed, and we celebrated! :D well me and heilein did, hahaha. :p with 2 dinners :p we ate with the zone leaders, and then ate again when we got home, because we forgot we already ate dinner.

I would say that this week really showed me that I am out here for a reason. I am not just walking around talking some crazy stuff to people. But i literally have a purpose. I am here to bring others to Christ. Sometimes that is intimidating, because that means I have to be so close to Him myself. But, when I see the change in other people's lives, it is so worth it. :) 

Well, have a fantastic week! Love you all! 
Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder
 me and Heilein eating at Linda's house. with our little bibs. :) she is the best! haha.

 then I passed out on the floor while Linda was (supposed to be!! hahah) watching a Mormon message.
 So i like to cook and make food. and sometimes, I make a little uneven portions for me and my companion.. :) (dont worry, we shared!)
  and the baptism. :) by the way, it is in a jacuzzi. cant complain about that! hahaha. 
 and this was the leftovers after the baptism. and guess who got to take it all? thats right, the people who live a floor above the branch house. us haha
 me and sister sexton trying to catch a butterfly in our hands.. :) didnt work haha.
 and this palace we tried to visit, only to find out it is closed on Mondays! hahaha. oh well, still a gorgeous place.
 and some comp unity, showing the love. :)
 district power! best district. ever. :)
  some merry-go-round thing we found. with the senior elder, Elder Brown! hahahah :) 
 gotta love those car selfies!
 and that lovely flake elder tongue!
so we bought hats today. :) actually the hats go to the trash cans though. hahah. 
 woman parking. hehe
  went to the austrian border, and almost got stuck there! haha.
 peace and love brothers :)
  went back to Eszterhazy and visited the grounds. (since it is closed on Mondays, wasnt much else of a choice! haha)
inner courtyard of Eszterhazy! :D

 and the districtttt!
  yeah, we cool
 wow, how attractive!
 clouds are pretty.
  i will go and do. 
 hahAA, what cool kids. 
oh nooo, i am on a train! i can conduct music, how hard can a train be!
 WHOA! haha
off to go and do, find teach and baptize. :)  

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