Sunday, November 30, 2014

Service, Service, Splits! (Oct 20)

This week was a great one! :) We had a lot of success, but not in all the places you might think! haha. First off, we had a fun time finding! well, not really. But we definitely tried our best to have a good time while we tracted hahaha. And then on Wednesday, a member came to visit us bought us breakfast and lunch! Way cool guy! Just kinda weird, because he didnt know me at all, just my comp for a few weeks from his last area.. haha. but hey, i could never say no to free food! :D hahaha. And then we went to do some service and helped a member out in her giant garden, where we turned into her very own personal rototiller machines haha and turned up all her soil. and BOY was it work! a few works in the morning, then a lunch at then end! pretty fun haha. and then we had splits! I got to go back to Sopron and see some old friends! One of my old investigators is even getting baptized! Hopefully I will be able to be there for that! Then on Saturday, we had yet another service opportunity, we helped paint! pretty crazy stuff haha. Then today, we had a fun P-day morning! got trapped in a car wash.. haha. only for a little bit. :) so we are supposed to clean our car like once a week or every two weeks or whatever. So we did that this morning when we were getting gas. so it is one of those electronic, like automatic car washes. but it is super weird, where when you drive in the garage door-looking thing closes and you cant back up. so its like a giant room haha. so we drove up and waited. and waited. and just sat there for a while, thinking that something would happen haha. so we were both getting pretty irritated at how dumb the car wash was being lol. so then my companion gets out of the car and tries to figure out what is going on, looking for anything to help us. except for we couldn't find anything. and there was no way out.... hahaha, so we were a little freaked out! luckily, we noticed this door at the back, so my comp walks out and pushes some button and the car wash starts immediately, while I am still sitting there in the car, without keys or anything hahaha. so we waited for the car wash to finish, then my comp runs back in and we drive away, hoping that the garages door doesn't shut on us on the way out hahaha.

well, have a good week! love you all tons! :) 
Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder

 This is so great. :) "Szentlélek" means "Holy Ghost." So that says "Holy Ghost Pharmacy" hahaha.

 soda water has become a cult drink.. haha wut?

  I found the Washington Monument! in Hungary..? haha. 

 This is an old investigator from Sopron who will be baptized on Saturday! She even asked me to baptize her! Hopefully I can.. 

  Love old friends from other cities! 

 gotta love that BACON!  :D haha.
 painting is fun! especially with such... different colors! haha. 

"We believe in the ressurection of Hungary!" 

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