Sunday, November 30, 2014

This is What Missionary Work Should Be! (Oct 27)

This week was awesome! We had a lot of success and a lot of fun at parties! ;) not really, but it was my companion's birthday, so we had a surprise birthday lunch at a member's house. :) it was way good! This week was full of miracles and incredible experiences. :) I will share one: we got a call Sunday afternoon from a member saying that there was a young woman that was interested in the church and what we believe in. He also said that he would bring her to the branch house and stayed and helped us to teach her! The referral was very open to the gospel and loved the  message we gave about the Book of Mormon and prayer and Jesus Christ. That is what missionary work should be!

Time has become a weird thing on my mission. this past week has been very long in some ways. and yet, at the same time, it has been such a blur. missions are weird.. :) 

Well, I love you all! Be good, safe, and never forget that I love you! :)
Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder

 this is the glass that was sitting next to me when we went out to eat. it was staring at me for about an hour and a half. kinda creepy..
 these two are an investigator's children, even thought the girl has been baptized. and her sister is in Switzerland on a mission. but we are working with the mom to get baptized! right now, they are jumping off a cabinet onto the bed. :)
 this is the view of Győr from the top of a 10 story. dont ask how we got up there... :) hahaha. 
 Happy Birthday elder Hancey!! this is when we made a surprise lunch for him. :) over at Viki's place, one of the coolest members I know!
we are pro chefs. making some taco soup surprise with tortillas. :) hahahaha. it tastes better than it sounds! and a lot better than it looked... hahaha. 

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