Sunday, November 30, 2014

Skeletons, Ghosts, Day of the Dead, and Other Scary Stuff (Nov 3)

So this week was a little slower for me. But it was definitely good overall. :) 

It started out with a Tuesday with a really slow morning, then 5 programs within 4 hours! Kinda crazy haha. And very good. :) My companion and I also discussed how we used to be good missionaries but have gotten lazy. :p so this week we are working hard to do everything exactly right! We also visited a new member's granpa's house, where we were offered alcohol about 10 times hahaha. But overall it turned out well, we didnt drink anything and got a free book! After that we had splits with one of my old friends, Elder Sterri. It was super awesome to hang out with old missionary buddies. :) 

In Hungary there is a lot of köd. Well, in general, not really. But this week there was a LOT. So driving in a car was kind of terrifying, haha. No crashes, but my heart did stop beating for a few seconds, to say the least. :) haha. 

Then we had Halloween! :D Halloween was not quite what it is in America, haha. We started out in Tatbánya, finishing up splits. There, we sang a little concert for some old people home, which we had no idea about until about 30 minutes before it started hahah. But it turned out well, and the old people liked it. :) After that, we came back to Győr, and had some fun with the young men, who were carving pumpkins! It was good to see a ward activity! Feels like it has been a while.. haha. After that, Saturday was a holiday, so we spent time with some members and some investigators. We also went to a cemetery, because Hungarians light up entire cemeteries with candles on Day of the Dead, which is Nov 1. 

Overall, this week felt like we didnt do a whole lot, but in reality, it was a pretty big success. :) Have a great week! Love you all!! 
Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder

 Some of the kids that we teach. :) they are so dang cute! and hard to teach haha
 ooooohhhh snap!
 The family we teach. well, the mom and dad. and this kind of sums them up. the mom just sitting and listening, the dad actually participating haha.
 went on splits this week with an old companion. was very nice. :) Sterri! and his crazy good ball skills. even in a suit!
Day of the dead was this week. So everyone went to the cemeteries to decorate graves. This is one of our investigators family members. 
kinda crappy quality and does no justice whatsoever to what it actually looks like. But this is a Hungarian cemetery on the night of November 1st!  

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