Sunday, November 30, 2014

What Does It Feel Like to Ráérni? (Nov 17)

Well, this week was way good! and crazy busy! haha. Started out with us getting asked to drive out to the edge of town and getting some firewood and driving it back to some member. Then, we drove to Budapest and had interviews with President, which went very well, and drove back and had a few programs. Then, we had to prepare for a Zone Conference that we held. Pretty crazy stuff, but I feel like it went pretty well, and we did a pretty good job of helping the zone! 

Then on Saturday, we went to a member and helped her move some wood! It wasnt anything too crazy. it was more of us throwing some cut wood pieces into her basement--type area (a pincébe raktuk a fát. Nem tom hogy ez hogy van angolul. pince? nem tom haha.). After that, we had a ton of meetings with people, and ran around the whole day hahaha. 

Then on Sunday, we drove up to stake conference! Hungary now has a new stake president! Bishop Southwick, bishop of the Buda ward, is now bishop and stake president for a while! haha, i have a feeling his first goal as stake president will be to find a new bishop for the Buda ward! haha. 

And that was about our week! Hopefully everyone has a fantastic week this week! Keep warm, safe, cool, dangerous, excited, bored, maybe even hungry! love you all. :)

Sok szeretettel,
Flake Elder

so we went to a sports store, and i was kinda bored, so i tried on some skiing goggles. :)
 they have a brand of ski goggles called flake! :D found my little flake junior :P
my comp likes the hot stuff.. :) PS that is a members finger and hand, not mine hahaha.
Fall is here! and pretty too :)
And we are pretty too.. :)
These kids are Dávid and Máté, some members here in Győr! Way awesome kids and family. :)
Me and Dávid put together this puzzle together! :D love this little kid. :)
 The family, the Bártfaiék, found this little keyboard, and wanted me to play a hymn for them, so I did haha. Their family is so awesome, it reminds me a little of my own--just 4 boys and no girls(one of the brothers wasnt there). But they are way fun :)
I know its crappy quality, but this is me and Kristóf, their older brother, and Máté. Way awesome. :) 

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